Wednesday, November 2, 2011

~ This I Promise ~

I can't promise you a rose garden
For its way out of my tiny might
The wildest of dreams
For i want just to be true
Till the day I'd come
With a heart full of blossoms
This, I promised

I can't promise you a Taj Mahal's wedding
For I don't even dare to dream
Knowing I would fail you
For not being me
And not being real
Dreaming the wildest of dreams
O yes,only my true love.
This, I promised

I can't promise you showering gifts
The glitters of women needs
Those faraway beaches
Or Nusa Dua sunsets
For I have nothing more to give
Than my trusting you
And smiles on my face
This, I promised

This, my love I promised
The sweetest smile you'll ever had
A shoulder for you to cry-on
An ear that would always readyto listen
Eyes that look straight into yours
Comforting wors whwn you're angry
And children who would later be a somebody. Promised......

Karya : Camar Putih (Puisi Orang Bertujuh)